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Sunday, October 4, 2015


From: Wicked Gay
It's way too naughty and you boys should be in bed!

Remember that Michael Hoffman Video I Posted Last Week?

You know the one, this video where Michael and a friend rub each other down with oil. Well apparently this video had a second half and a happy ending of sorts. It's not quite a circle jerk but you will get the picture!!!!!

Michael Hoffman jerks off with friend powered by XTube

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour
Original Channel
Original Run
September 1970 - December 1970
Tim Conway
Sally Struthers
Art Metrano
McLean Stevenson
The Tim Conway Comedy Hour is a variety and sketch comedy show broadcast in the United States by CBS as part of its 1970 fall lineup.
The Tim Conway Comedy Hour was one of several attempts to develop a starring vehicle for Tim Conway, who had been very popular as a sidekick in the 1962-1966 situation comedy McHale's Navy and two 1964 theatrical films spun off from it (McHale's Navy and McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force) and in several Disney films but who had never had much success in developing an audience for programming in which he was the main star (see Rango). In fact, his previous show, the situation comedy The Tim Conway Show, had run for only 12 episodes in the spring of 1970, and had been cancelled almost at the same time that he agreed to host The Tim Conway Comedy Hour.
This program was no different. Despite Conway's best efforts, and those of the Nelson Riddle Orchestra and cast members such as Sally Struthers (soon to go on to fairly major stardom in the important supporting role of Gloria Bunker on the hit sitcom All in the Family), this program was cancelled after 13 weeks (a fate which was to befall Conway so frequently that at one point TV Guide ran a picture of his car sporting a California vanity license plate reading "13 WKS").

Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture
 Australian brand teamm8 always raises the bar when it comes to strong and powerful underwear campaigns. Their images and underwear always evoke a feeling of endurance. With distinct detailing and bold color choices, the teamm8 Stadium campaign is no exception. Each item in the Stadium Collection is stylish and fashionable, but with the teamm8’s classic, masculine aesthetic. They can take the color pink and turn it into a pink brief suitable for an active man, and in a way, redefine what it means to be masculine.

 Each piece in the teamm8 Stadium Collection can give you the confidence you need to separate yourself from the ordinary, without having to stray from stylish simplicity. Model Sil Visser sports the collection in the teamm8 Stadium campaign, set where else but an arena/stadium setting. His powerful physique is set up against the equally rugged and stoic backdrop. This leaves the vibrance of each pair of underwear to contrast beautifully against the stone background. Something about the hard, concrete walls highlights each and every color and makes them look all the more radiant.

 Photographer Martijn Smouter captures Sil in various poses, each emphasizing his meticulously sculpted features, and the teamm8 Stadium underwear of course. The metallic waistband featured on each pair of shines brilliantly in the natural sunlight, effortlessly accenting Sil’s lower abs. And then the collection’s stripe design does the same to the rest of what’s being covered.



Juicymilkhunk's poppers machine at work
Me showing how much of a poppers piggy I am to juicymilkhunk's poppers training machine.


Older Son Blamed By Mom For “Spreading Gayness” To Teen Brother, So He Adopts Younger Bro

From: Queerty
Losing a child — let alone two — is a horror that no parent should have to face, but in the case of one homophobic mother, the damage is self-inflicted.

A recent Reddit thread caught our attention for its tell-tale signs of the unfortunate reality many LGBTQ kids face growing up.

But this one has a slight twist (not to mention happy ending).

jason45q originally posted:

My mother is a very complicated woman. She can be really sweet, but fucking batshit crazy at other times. I moved out a long time ago, I’m 27 and I left the house as soon as I turned 18 (also right after coming out). She didn’t disown me, but made a lot of homophobic remarks about me “joining the fags” and denying her grandchildren.
Today, I received a very angry phone call from my mom. I have a younger brother who’s 14 who lives with my parents and my sister. My mom snooped through his phone and apparently found a few texts to his friend confessing that he was gay. Suddenly, I’m responsible for engulfing him with my rainbow wrath when I barely see him.
I have considered trying to get him to move here with me but I don’t think he’d want to leave everything behind. My family would also have a fit.

Considering Jason only lasted two months living with his mother after he came out at 18, he was more than concerned with what lay ahead for his 14-year-old brother, who was just starting high school and had at minimum four years left under her roof.

Supportive advice came flooding in, but shortly after posting, Jason knew what he had to do.

In an updated post, he shares the dramatic turn of events that came next:

I read all the comments, each and every single one. However, about an hour after writing the post, I grew impatient and just drove to my parents’ house…My mom lost her shit when I came, said that I was going to make it worse. She’s kept a little quiet though (probably because she realized she can’t do much at this point).
My younger brother is fine…He believes he’s 90% gay. He doesn’t notice girls, but notices guys. He said he’s felt deeper connections with them and is crushing on his friend (basically all the things we all had to deal with when we were young anyway).
I told him about moving in with me and switching schools. I tried to make him understand that he needs to be in a healthier environment and does not need to be taking any shit from my mom. He was very hesitant about leaving his friends, but he’s agreed to move in with me in the next month or so. And for those of you asking if I can afford it, I very much can.
Today morning I told my mother he was going to stay with me. She wanted to argue, but held back. She knows she crossed my patience limit a long time ago, so it was relatively easy. I’m getting forms from the lawyer tomorrow about making me his legal guardian. My mom agreed to sign it saying “it’s probably better for me that you two will be gone anyway” and my dad gives negative two shits about anything so that’ll be easy.
I guess I can say this is off to a more positive start. I can get to know him better now and at the same time protect him from emotional abuse. He’s a very soft spoken kid, a little too passive and lets people run over him. I was the opposite- and by that I mean very stubborn, rebellious and maybe a bit of an asshole…but it’s what helped me move out I guess. Now I’ll be able to toughen him up a little and build some more confidence in him.
Thanks for all the advice, it was very much appreciated. I will not call child services anymore, since he’s not going back anyway. I’d rather she suffers in silence as she realizes she drove her sons away. She’ll never admit it but I’m sure it’s there.

There’s being a good brother, and then there’s this.

Best of luck to them both!



Obama: Religious Freedom No Excuse to Deny Rights to Others

From: Wicked Gay
Freedom of religion isn't reason enough to deny any American their constitutional rights, President Barack Obama said recently as he addressed members of the LGBT community, one of his major sources of political and financial support.

Speaking at a Democratic Party fundraiser, Obama said it's important to recognize that some parts of the country remain uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and that it will take time for them to catch up to the majority of Americans who support such unions.

But while Americans hold dear the constitutional right to practice their religion free from government interference, he said that right can't be used to deny constitutional rights to others. Full story here!

“Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Introduces Marvel’s First Cinematic Gay Hero

He's so hot he melts metal!
From: NewNowNext
 Last week ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. quietly introduced Marvel’s first cinematic gay male hero, and the information was revealed matter-of-factly, with no fanfare, as an aside.

We meet Joey Gutierrez (Juan Pablo Raba) as he begins his journey as an inhuman (activated by exposure to the recently released compound Terrigen, found in fish oil. It’s complicated). He’s wandering the streets in a daze, causing cataclysmic melting damage to any metal he touches or goes near, and cries out for help.

 Unfortunately, the only assistance he receives is from an armed team of obviously shady soldiers, who obviously want to capture him for obviously shady purposes, but he’s saved by S.H.I.E.L.D., led by Daisy (Chloe Bennet), who used to be known as Skye (it’s complicated).

S.H.I.E.L.D. puts a contraption on the ground that brings down a cool elevator from the clouds, and Joey is whisked away.

It’s bigger on the inside

 Back on the plane, Daisy tries to explain what’s happened to Joey, who is still confused and scared.
 The elevator is brought to Joey’s new living quarters, where he meets Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki), who tries to calm him down and tells him they’ll do everything they can to help him through this sudden transition. And she knows he’s a decent guy who goes out of his way to help people.

Joey is still flustered and yells out “You don’t know anything about me!” Bobbi explains that, in fact, they do, for instance.
 And just like that, we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s first gay male character.

So how did S.H.I.E.L.D. find out this info? Phone-tapping? Telepathic inhumans?
 While Joey gets used to his new digs, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team discuss the situation, and we learn a little more about Jose Gutierrez.

 Daisy and Mack (Henry Simmons) give Joey some time to come to grips with what’s happened, but when they gingerly inform him that, well, the life he knew before is over, if he tries to leave he’ll get shot in the head by those shady people, and he’s on every news show as some kind of alien freak, he doesn’t take it well.
But he tries to laugh it off

 Finally, Daisy discovers the way to Joey’s heart, with a cold beer, and sits him down one last time to talk things over. He’s now starting to accept the situation, after watching coverage of the President telling the country that he’s set up a Super Shady Task Force to deal with inhumans in any way possible.

Joey still thinks he may be able to lead a normal life someday, but Daisy pops that balloon.

 Variety talked to Chloe Bennet about the introduction of Joey, and his relationship with Daisy

“Joey is the first person that she really feels like could be part of the team; they have to go through a certain level of assessment before that happens. As for him being gay, I was really, really happy to see that, and I am mostly happy to see how nonchalant it was and how subtle it was and how no one made a big deal about it. That’s the kind of reference to someone being gay that I like to see; it doesn’t affect the storyline in any way — it’s subtle, and I thought that was really good on the writers. Just like when people ask what it’s like to play a strong female character and it’s always a little frustrating…”

As for Juan Pablo Raba, he’s starred in a ton of Telenovelas, the show Narcos, and you can find some interesting pics of him on Google.

What do you think of this new development, S.H.I.E.L.D. fans?


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