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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flosom Bear


From: Manhunt Daily

Rugby player Stuart Reardon is perfectly okay stripping naked for gay magazines, and I do not object to his decisions in life at all. If we hadn't been lusting after him for years, I imagine the initial “whoa” factor would have bumped him up several spots on this list. Keep in mind, the initial “whoa” factor hasn't exactly worn off yet. He’s still pretty damn “whoa”.

Oh, Stuart Reardon. Stuart REARdon. See? Gay Times is kinda sorta smaht in their marketing. That Stuart Reardon ass shot was used as the cover for the physical magazine sent to subscribers. Shifty gay British bastards!

You've seen rugby god Stuart on Manhunt Daily before, and there is much rejoicing when he takes new pics. I personally felt that there weren't enough shots from the Gay Times article available to us. So I did what any self-respecting gay porn blogger would do. I took my ass over to Stuart Reardon’s Twitter and ransacked hot photos of him. Stuart is one of those slightly vain hot people in that his Twitter is FULL of fap-worthy pics of himself.

Wouldn't a scene in which Stuart jacks his dick to pics of himself be hot? It’s not douchey! It would only douchey if he were gross.

Stuart Reardon as Jesus. OK.


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote
“Is the ultimate taboo any less taboo if it’s animated? Erotic artist Animan, who you may remember from last week’s ‘Sex Ed with The Coach‘ post, takes a page from Joe Gage‘s book and tackles father-on-son incest fantasies with his latest short film Lex Stern M.D. Although we’ve only seen the trailer at this point, we can safely confirm that it, um, goes there.

Is the ultimate taboo any less taboo if it’s animated? Erotic artist Animan, who you may remember from last week’s “Sex Ed with The Coach” post, takes a page from Joe Gage‘s book and tackles father-on-son incest fantasies with his latest short film Lex Stern M.D. Although we’ve only seen the trailer at this point, we can safely confirm that it, um, goes there.

Should curiosity get the best of you, the full movie is available here for the low price of $7.00. However, if you’d prefer your toon porn to be a bit less controversial, you might prefer his other flicks—Junior College Men’s Camp, Coach Ben’s Big Beach Adventure and Super Hero.

Gay Cartoon - Dad and Step Son Fuck Hard brought to you by PornHub


From:  Manhunt Daily
 The future is now! Falcon Studios has produced the first (?) virtually bareback gay porn film, in which condoms are digitally removed to provide the illusion that performers are fucking raw. According to Gay Porn Blog—or the press release that nobody bothered sending to me—Falcon/Raging Stallion president Chris Ward believes this “will go down as a defining moment in the production of safe, top-quality male erotica.

He went on to state that “the innovation and use of technology to make condoms less ‘in your face’ is something that allows us to appeal to all porn fans while protecting our actors’ health.” Okay, cool quote, bro… But, um, will something like this actually appeal to all porn fans? It’s a little implausible that someone who’s been in the business as long as Ward would be naive enough to believe this.

Don’t get me wrong! I commend Falcon‘s commitment to their actors’ health, and with every studio under the sun going bareback for the sake of cash flow, it’s an incredible move for them to maintain their commitment to videos with condoms. (Whereas folks like this and this have jumped the boat on that regard, utilizing bullshit excuses to justify their hypocritical actions.)

Some safer sex advocates might be appeased by this compromise, but at the end of the day, it could be argued that Falcon is still promoting sex without a condom as the hotter alternative. One could interpret this as the studio saying, “This is what all men REALLY want, and since we can’t give it to you, we’ll fake it to our best ability!

That, of course, leads me to the other side of this debate. How will rabid bareback fans respond to the artificial nature of this production? I’m aware the mere presence of a condom can be a turn-off for some, but it’s my understanding that the grittier aspects are what really draw a crowd. Most bareback fans I’ve talked to love visuals like cum dripping back into a stretched-open hole, tops fucking the cum back into their partners or the oft-glorified internal cum shot.

No matter how hard Falcon tries, they can’t recreate those visuals without violating one side of the condom debate with the blatant fabrication or upsetting the other side with the message it sends out about using (or not using) rubbers. I guess, at the end of the day, I’m failing to see what they hope to accomplish with this well-intentioned but, perhaps, not well-thought-out move. It could be a publicity stunt to get some attention or the game-changer that will revolutionize our masturbational material for years to come.

But I’ve gone on with my ambivalence long enough—where do you stand?

Dad’s asleep at the desk again…

David Picard

"I stumbled upon these photos of DJ David Picard on Sissydude, and after an initial twitch of approval from down below, I went from semi to full-on erection in a matter of seconds.

David’s modeling various styles from Charlie by Matthew Zink, and I’ll be reaching out to him soon to inquire if he’s interested in modeling his ankles on my shoulders. “Who are you wearing?!?!” the paparazzi will shout out to my dick as their cameras flash pictures. As he retreats to somewhere dark and warm, I’ll casually turn to them and answer, “He’s wearing David Picard’s hole, and he’s feeling faaaaabulous.” (Yes, these are actually the thoughts and images that go through my brain.)"










Ginger Champion

Painted Body


From:  Manhunt Daily
One of the best parts about coming out of the closet (well, more like “openly dating a man“) is that you have negative fucks to give when it’s obvious you like cock. Take the following video from the UK’s Splash in which twink extraordinaire Tom Daley is totally hypnotized by contestant Dan Osborne’s leopard print bulge. (See 2:02.) He could care less. It’s a bulge and he’s on it, world!

Tom is the host of the reality television diving competition, and Dan is sort of a UK version of The Situation. Except way hotter. And bulgier. Can you blame Tom? I’d ask for a private showing.

Osbourne says he initially resisted wearing the leopard print bikinis, but finally relented and grew to like them. Tom probably offered up some of that Olympic sponsorship money.

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