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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just Because...

Who Wore It Better:

Matthew Skrincosky  vs. Victor Ramos
 We spotted Matthew Skrincosky sporting a 2xist boxer brief when he modeled it for the brand. Matthew captures a very classic look, keeping his hairy chest bare and showing off just enough muscle for you to know he hits the gym pretty regularly. But is this classic shot enough to say Who Wore It Better? Let’s check out the competition! 
Renown fitness model Victor Ramos was spotted wearing a black version of the above 2xist boxer brief in one of our celebrity underwear sighting roundups. Victor is way more fierce in his photo than Matthew; he through as a jumping punch that we definitely wouldn’t want to be standing in front of. But is his pose too much for you? Are you super pacifist and can’t stand the sight of Victor’s jumping punch? …silly reason.

Daily Package

Adam Ayash Spread Eagle?
Adam Ayash looks like he’s spread eagle on his bed, but is it for a reason? 

Hot as Fuck...

A Splash Of Color | Male Nude Photography

"The reveal of underwear is always among the best moments of a shoot.  Made better when the underwear is festive and vivid.

It’s starting to really feel like spring.  I always forget that spring means rain…  But it’s tolerable.  Like a sloppy kiss from Maggie when I get home." -- Marlen Boro

Man in the mirror...

21, Hairy, and Very Hung!

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

 Image from Virgin Islands Pictures

Last week he was out in the backyard, later this week he comes inside to clean up.

Men at work...

Cock Broker - Playguy - May 1986

May 1986

Unknown (Nude inside and also appears as the centerfold) photographed by Chris Morris

The Bigger, The Better
Big Brother: Coverguy & Centerfold
Punk Pickup
The New Tenant

Matyas Jokai - Bel Ami

Photosession Video 
 "Matyas Jokai is a recent Hungarian new-comer. This photo-shoot was shot by Eliot Klein in our Budapest studio." -- Bel Ami

See More of Matyas After The Jump"

Gengoroh Tagame

I Can’t Tell Anyone
 Gengoroh Tagame (田亀 源五郎 Tagame Gengorō?, born 3 February 1964) is a Japanese manga artist who specializes in gay BDSM erotic manga, many of which depict graphic violence. The men he depicts are hypermasculine, and tend to be on the bearish side.
Born into a family descended from samurai, Tagame began his career as a manga artist in 1982, while he was studying graphic design at Tama Art University (多摩美術大学). His works have been published in several Japanese gay magazines, including Sabu, G-men and SM-Z.  Since 1986, he has used the pen-name Gengoroh Tagame, and since 1994 Tagame has lived off the profits of his art and writings. In recent years, Tagame has edited a two volume artbook series about the history of gay erotic art in Japan from the 1950s to the present, 日本のゲイ・エロティック・アート (Nihon no gei, erotikku āto, Gay Erotic Art in Japan) volumes 1 and 2.
All his works contain "virile males, or youths, and their apprenticeship of physical and mental submission". Works of his include: Jujitsu Kyoshi at B Product; Emono, Shirogane no Hana (3 vol.) and Pride (3 vol.) at G-Project.Naburi mono, ("Laughing stock") serialized in G-Men in 1994, is about the kidnapping of a wrestler who refused a yazuka boss. One of the yazuka falls in love with the wrestler. They go into hiding together and eventually commit joint suicide to preserve their honour.
His manga Gunji (軍次) was translated into French in 2005, followed by Arena in 2006 and Goku in 2009. An artbook of his works has also been published in France by H&O Editions. An exhibition of his works was held in France in May 2009. Tagame is openly gay.
Tagame has been called the most influential creator of gay manga in Japan to date, and "the most talented and most famous author of sado-masochistic gay manga". Most of his work first appeared in gay magazines and usually feature sexual abuse. Tagame's depiction of men as muscular and hairy has been cited as a catalyst for a shift in fashion among gay men in 1995, away from the clean-shaven and slender bishōnen stereotypes and towards a tendency for masculinity and
chubbiness. Tagame's work has been criticised by notable gay manga writer Susumu Hirosegawa as "SM gekijō" (S&M theater) for its violence and lack of complex story lines.
A small amount of Tagame's work has been licensed in English; a short story, "Standing Ovations", was included in the third issue of the erotic comics anthology Thickness, and in July 2012, Picturebox announced a short story collection, The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame, for 2013 release, which will be the first completely bara work licensed in English. The book will collect short works spanning 15 years of Tagame's career, including a new story commissioned especially for the book by book designer Chip Kidd.

 There’s a complex power dynamic worked into gay erotic manga artist Gengoroh Tagame‘s “I Can’t Tell Anyone“. The main subject, a beefy college boy named Kazuo, has an active interest in older men. He experiences an immediate attraction to his new stepfather Yamazaki Kenzou, and when confronted with his deepest desire, he’s forced to choose between betraying his own mother and sheer animal attraction. Guess which side wins!
Admittedly, this type of relationship might be disturbing (and even more complicated) in the real world, but as a drawn fantasy, it manages to be disturbingly boner-inducing whilst maintaining that Kazuo’s character is a genuine human being torn between what’s right in the moral sense and what feels right down below. He might make the wrong decision. He might regret it later… But for now? We’re watching him get tied up, prodded with a vibrator and jerked off by a hot daddy to completion, and like Kazuo, we get caught up in the moment and forget what’s “right”.

Check Out The Rest After The Jump:

SCOTT FODEN - Blake Mason

 Age: 29
Body Type: Toned
Circumcised: Uncut
Dick Size: 7"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Orientation: Curious
Pubic: Trimmed
Race: White
Shoe: 10
Waist: 30
 "Scott is a lifeguard (yes, we know how hot that is!) and he's curious too. His experience has been very limited before coming to us, but we know we have a lot to offer him when it comes to the guys we can team him up with! Never sucked cock? Well that's something we just had to rectify as soon as possible!
 Scott is a beefy and muscled hunk who really hasn't had a whole lot of experience with guys (no, we don't know how that happened either!) He's been sucked and wanked off by guys, but he's never done anything back. This uncut guy really needs to experience some things, and after seeing him stroking the cum from his hooded dick and enjoying himself we're already making plans!" -- Blake Mason

"White Party"

 "Our cruise ended with a raging white party.  We danced through rain, eventually moving the party indoors at 4am.

I wore a simple white jockstrap for white party, and still felt over-dressed.  So glad I bought my flags!" Noodles and Beef

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