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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Doris Day!

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 5, 2008

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Favorite Photographer for April 5, 2008

German Photographer Michael Andrew has a new book entitled 'All About The Boys'. 
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 5th

Actor Ricardo Meneses from the classic O Fantasma turns 34today.
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B’way Composer Stephen Schwartz Bans WICKED, All Other Works From Being Put On In NC Over Anti-LGBT Law

From: Back2Stonewall
Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz who has written such hit musicals as Godspell (1971), Pippin (1972) and Wicked (2003) is refusing to allow any of his musical productions to be put on in North Carolina because of its recently passed anti-LGBT law HB2 and is asking all other Broadway composers and agencies to do the same.

Via BroadwayWorld.com

“To my fellow theatre writers and producers: As you no doubt know, the state of North Carolina has recently passed a reprehensible and discriminatory law. I feel that it is very important that any state that passes such a law suffer economic and cultural consequences, partly because it is deserved and partly to discourage other states from following suit.

“Therefore, I and my collaborators are acting to deny the right to any theater or organization based in North Carolina to produce any of our shows. We have informed our licensing organizations and touring producers of this, and I’m happy to say have met with compliance and approval from them.”

“In the 1970’s, I, along with many other writers and artists, participated in a similar action against apartheid in South Africa, and as you know, this eventually proved to be very effective.”

“If you are in agreement, you may want to join me in refusing to license our properties to, or permit productions of our work by, theaters and organizations in North Carolina until this heinous legislation is repealed.”

“Thank you for considering this.”

An important lesson for North Carolina: No one mourns the wicked.

Athletes Join #RainbowLaces Campaign To Battle Homophobia

"The only thing that should matter in sport, is how people play on the field,"
From: NewNowNext
Athletes around the world are joining forces to fight homophobia in sports and making their feet more colorful.
A photo posted by Tommaso D'Orsogna (@tommasodor) on

As part of the #RainbowLaces campaign, sport stars from the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and beyond have brightened up their kicks with rainbow shoelaces to show their support for LGBT players.

The UK-based LGBT charity Stonewall launched the campaign.

Professional sports leagues like the Australian Football League are encouraging gay players to come out “without fear of ridicule or discrimination.”

A recent study revealed that 70% of Australians don’t believe youth team sports are safe for out athletes.

“The only thing that should matter in sport, is how people play on the field,” said Australian rugby player Johnathan Thurston, one of the faces of the campaign.

Thurston is encouraging people to pick up a pair of #RainbowLaces to “help kick homophobia out for good.”

Check out images from the #RainbowLaces campaign below.

April Showers

Let It Rain
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Rick Wolfmier

Andy Cohen Slams “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Star Kenya Moore For “Gay Bashing” Comments

It was taunting and derogatory... It was just not a pretty look."
From: NewNowNext
 Last night during the season finale of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy Cohen dropped his usually laid back demeanor and went in on Kenya Moore for making homophobic comments in the show.

During the season, several of the women mocked the sexuality of Kim Fields’ husband, Christopher Moore, and insinuated that he was secretly gay—calling him “Chrissy” and making other digs.

 Cohen criticized the cast, especially Moore, for “taunting and derogatory” comments about Morgan, who was in the studio.

“It seems like you are all kind of gay bashing and do this thing where you accuse him of being this way, making a big joke of it,” he said. “It was taunting and derogatory, everybody. It was just not a pretty look.”

When Kenya said she was sorry, Cohen cut her off for her “crappy” apology and asked her to do better.

“I am a performer, I am not immune to people talking bad about me, especially when they want what I have,’ Morgan, an actor who has appeared in Braodway productions of Dreamgirls and Kiss Me Kate, told Cohen. “When it comes to who I am as a man that is what I know, and that is what I know my wife knows, so I am secure in that.”

Addressing Kenya’s gossip about her hubby, Fields said, “I think it is unfortunate that someone would just out and out lie.”

“When you chose to attempt to assassinate a person’s character for no reason and do it behind their back was disgusting,” added the former Facts of Life star.

Eventually the situation devolved into a typical Housewives fracas, with Moore insisting, “I did not make up the rumors, I brought up the fact that the rumors existed… Each and every one of the women here had their laughter, fun and whatever that was—except for Cynthia and Sheree.”

Ever the mature one, Sheree Whitfield stepped in and derided her co-stars gossiping. “If they can say it behind her back they should be able to say it to her face.”

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