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Monday, August 31, 2015

“Raw” |

 Jovan Photographed by Srdjan Sveljo
From: Accidental Bear

Photographer & Styling by Srdjan Sveljo
Photo editor Mina Delic
Model: Jovan

The CAPTION THIS Contest For August 31st!

From: Dlisted

Today’s Briefs are brought to you by …

 Romain Chamby
From: NewNow Next

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Sal Mineo
From: NewNowNext

Sal Mineo (January 10, 1939 – February 12, 1976) was born in the Bronx, and made his film debut in 1955’s Six Bridges to Cross, beating out Clint Eastwood for the role. He followed that up with The Private War of Major Benson, but it would be his third film of 1955 that would catapult him to fame. Sal co-starred with James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause as troubled teen John “Plato” Crawford, and his performance earned him his first Oscar nomination.

Here’s a fascinating look at the screentest of Sal, James and Natalie Wood. Of course, it’s difficult to forget that all three died so young.

The Top 30 TV Themes/Openings Of The 90’s!

From: NewNowNext
Melrose Place
Airing on Fox from July 8, 1992 to May 24, 1999, Melrose Place was the second smash in a row from out creator Darren Starr, and the closest we got in the 90’s to the fabulous insanity of Dynasty. After a rough start, in which the show seemed adrift much of the time, Heather Locklear was brought in, and the show found its focus. The opening was typical of the early 90’s, with cinema verite (French for “shaky camera”), and some really unfortunate hairstyles (who the hell did Courtney-Thorne Smith piss off that first season?)

By the fourth season, the show (and opening) had settled in, although Heather was still (and would remain) a “Special Guest Star.”

Masked Man

Young Gay Republicans Are Trying to Change Their Party’s View on LGBT Rights

From: Wicked Gay
It’s no secret that millennials are more vocal and frank about what they want than past generations have been. Once they were publicly branded as the “me” generation, they decided to run with it and own that label.

Now, in the midst of campaign season for the 2016 presidential election, and after a year of historic advancements for gay rights, young Republicans have their work cut out for them when it comes to presenting an overall positive voice for their party. Vanity Fair spoke with some of the fresh faces trying to elasticize the rigid beliefs and views that the upper and elder echelons of the Republican Party have, especially when it comes to gay rights and the right to marry.

“This is an issue of mass and manners,” says S.E. Cupp, a self-described Log Cabin Republican who became a viral sensation when she grew emotional in a CNN interview following the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. (“Those people . . . are patriots,” a teary-eyed Cupp said of gay-marriage advocates.) “On the mass side, the country just doesn’t agree with you anymore and I don’t think that’s going to [change]. So, just from the math you have to understand: you’re an outlier.

“And then on the manners, you have to understand that people like me, people who are supportive of gay rights and conservative or [who are] gay themselves, they’re fighting doubly hard to advance conservative values,” Cupp says. “We shouldn’t be kicked out of the party, or castigated, or called anti-conservative because we hold these views.”

But small divisions of the party aren’t the only ones pushing for an image overhaul. A Senate candidate from Maryland, Chrysovalantis Kefalas (pictured above) could become the first openly gay Republican congressman to be elected, and he said, “The context in which I view individual liberty is that it comes down to: How do we provide an environment and climate when people can do their best work?” A fair question, especially considering Barack Obama has relied heavily on younger voters in both of his campaigns, and all the current GOP frontrunners seem to be doing is alienating a huge portion of that voting bloc. Full story here via Out Magazine!

To begin: I feel a gap

From:  Deliciousdeity

Oh! It was very Death in Venice today. I was very much feeling like I was on the railing with the boys, waving and feeling my age like the man Aschenbach sees on the ship's deck...

And then , among a crowd of young Poles who are crossing,

is a ghastly fellow, whom Aschenbach sees is an old man dressed
up as young, who capers unsuspected among the youths, drinks
hilariously with them, and falls hideously drunk at last on the deck,
reaching to the author, and slobbering about " dem allerliebsten,
dem schonsten Liebchen." Suddenly the upper plate of his false
teeth falls on his underlip...

Ok, so I don't have false teeth, but I am 45, swimming against a current. The map is already written on my face - I see it everyday in the mirror.

Unlike Aschenbach, the golden youth was never a fantasy of mine. Dark-eyed hairy men are the ticket and always have been. Something smoulders in them that cannot be pulled off by a washed-out blond. On a blond man it just looks coy or forced.

My case in point:
Need I say more?

Competence to age is supplementary youth, a sorry supplement indeed, but I fear the best that is to be had, as Charles Lamb said...

Just one picture to establish me. Then we can get on with the blog...

See Sexy Actor Lorenzo Balducci's Penis and Balls

From: Fleshbot
Lorenzo Balducci is the man of your dreams. 
He's Italian.

He's gorgeous.
He has a sick body.
But most importantly, 
And I can't stress this enough,
Lorenzo gets fully naked in Falling Star (2015).

In addition to blessing us with a close up of his beautiful balls and peen, Lorenzo's character has some sexy time with hottie Àlex Batllori in Falling Star. Lorenzo plays Alfredo, the personal secretary to early 1870s Spanish king Amadeo (Àlex Brendemüehl). Through events that I doubt you care about right now because you're still staring at that package, the king is stripped of his power and left to languidly lounge around his castle while ogling the male eye candy surrounding him. The castle becomes a hotbed of bizarre sexual activity, including a scene in which Lorenzo sticks his fully erect penis into a watermelon. Before you judge, it's actually a really touching moment. Just kidding it's weird.

Here's hoping this Italian stud continues to let his freak flag fly in future flicks! 

Ryan Phillippe's Still Got

Hard to believe he's 40 now.
From: kenneth in the (212)

Paul Richmond:

Summer Read
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 A big part of my summers as a child was always reading. Without school or homework, there was time to dive into worlds that came alive in my imagination. With school closed, the only quick access to books for me was the book mobile. The Library was about an hour away, and I was lucky to get in there even once over the summer. The book mobile, came every Friday afternoon from 3:30pm-5:30pm in the parking lot of my elementary school. From Archie digests through The Hardy Boys and Danny Dunn, I couldn't wait for that book mobile to arrive on Friday afternoons. 

Book covers were always the first reason to pick up a novel and read the synopsis on the back cover. One of the best parts of reading as a kid was staring at the cover at different points during reading connecting the visual to the written word. Sadly, I didn't have cover illustrations from artist Paul Richmond, if I had, I might never have turned out my light at night. Here are a few of my favorite of Paul's cover illustrations, covers that have me wanting to buy the book for my next trip to the beach or cottage.

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