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Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Award Winning Actors Who Also Have Playgirl Covers

From: Buzz Feed
 Primetime Emmy Winner Tom Selleck
Won for Magnum P.I.
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

The 21 Most Important Celebrity Bulges Of All Time

From: Buzz Feed
The Jensen Ackles

Why it’s important
This supernatural bulge put its head on the line to represent bulges on television during a time when bulges were highly underrepresented. With the help of a tight wardrobe, Ackles proved you can be packing despite working on a show called Smallville.
Bulge Rating
3 out of 5 Jon Hamms

Vector - November 1972

18 Actors Who Have Posed For Seriously Cheesy Photos With Their Chest Exposed

From: Buzz Feed

17. Ryan Gosling

Sexiest soccer stars playing in the 2014 World Cup

From The NY Daily News
Olivier Giroud
Oh la la! French soccer player Olivier Groud is a good reason alone to watch the World Cup 2014.  Whether it's is piercing blue eyes, masculine  jawline or bulging tattooed biceps, the dreamboat  is a pleasure to watch.

It’s a Gay Propaganda Poster Pin-Up by Choklit Daddy!

This is the 9th entry in the Homoerotic Gay Propaganda Poster Pin-Up Challenge :)

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Men was an umbrella title for three crime/adventure dramas aired in the United States by ABC as part of its 1972-73 lineup.

The Men comprised Assignment Vienna, Jigsaw, and The Delphi Bureau. The common element in each of those hour-long series was that its hero was a rugged individualist, working essentially alone with little or no supervision on matters of vital significance. The program originally aired on Thursday nights, with each element appearing in a regular rotation, every third week. But when The Men was moved to Saturday nights, in January 1973, the elements began to be aired with several episodes of the same one appearing in consecutive weeks.

Unlike the similar NBC Mystery Movie wheel, the elements of The Men all came from different TV studios—Assignment Vienna, Jigsaw, and The Delphi Bureau were respectively produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television, Universal Television (the same studio behind the Mystery Movie), and Warner Bros. Television.

While the series was a failure in the Nielsen TV ratings, its theme song—composed and recorded by Isaac Hayes—was a minor R&B hit. (A disco version of that theme was recorded by Joe Bataan in 1976 and a smooth jazz version was recorded by Gerald Albright in 2008.)

Mug Shot Thursday

From: kenneth in the (212)
Nice eyes, and you totally know he's into kinky role-playing.

12 Hilariously Ridiculous Gay Porn Moments

From Buzz Feed

6. The time this guy wondered what this other guy’s testicles smelled like.

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Bette Davis Eyes” 
Kim Carnes

As I’ve mentioned before, “Bette Davis Eyes” was the best and worst thing to happen in Kim’s career. She had a successful career pre-BDE, with two top ten hits (“Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer” with Kenny Rogers, and “More Love”), but BDE was such a phenomenal hit (nine weeks at #1 in the summer of 1981, the second biggest hit of the decade), she was never able to recover from its success. She tried valiantly (her follow-up album Voyeur was a colossal flop, but is my second favorite album of the 80′s and her 83 album Cafe Racers is also splendid), but she would never hit the top ten again.

Tomorrow’s clue – Formerly known as Seafood Mama

Daytime Emmy Awards To Livestream Online

After clinching last-minute deals with the CW, CBS and HLN the last few years, the Daytime Emmy Awards couldn't do it again this year. With two weeks left before the June 22 ceremony, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced today that the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will not air on TV. Instead, they will be live streamed, the first time that has been done with the long-running awards show. The Daytime Emmy Awards, which will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, will be streamed live at www.daytimeemmys.net beginning at 5 PM on June 22. “We are confident that the expert team we've brought on will flawlessly execute an evening that celebrates the outstanding talent being honored and allows fans to be a part of the action,” said Malachy Wienges, Chairman of NATAS.

The Sexiest Men of 2013

From: Cosmo UK

Adam Levine

Whoop whoop, Season 4 of The Voice US is starting today and we for one can't wait to see hunky judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine on our screens again. Here he is, adopting a Cosmo centrefold pose and showing off his sleeve tattoos. Hot. You can press our buttons anytime Adam!


From: The Backlot
Ruffskin Ruffhousel

Academy Award for Best Picture

The Silence of the Lambs
Release dates
February 14, 1991
Jodie Foster
Anthony Hopkins
Scott Glenn
Ted Levine
The Silence of the Lambs is a 1991 American thriller film that blends elements of the crime and horror genres. Directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, and Scott Glenn, the film is based on Thomas Harris' 1988 novel of the same name, his second to feature Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.

In the film, Clarice Starling, a young U.S. FBI trainee, seeks the advice of the imprisoned Dr. Lecter to apprehend another serial killer, known only as "Buffalo Bill".

The Silence of the Lambs was released on February 14, 1991, and grossed $272.7 million worldwide against its $19 million budget. It was only the third film, the other two being It Happened One Night and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, to win Academy Awards in all the top five categories: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay). It is also the first Best Picture winner widely considered to be a horror film, and only the second such film to be nominated in the category, after The Exorcist in 1973. The film is considered "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant by the U.S. Library of Congress and was selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry in 2011.

The 10 Worst Movie Musicals Ever Made

From: The blot
I wavered about putting this one in, because it does provide camp enjoyment (as do “At Long Last Love,” “Can’t Stop The Music” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” all of which I nobly left out. Besides, I didn’t want to be too obvious.) The finale alone — a swirling disco medley that keeps growing like a fungus — has provided many joyous moments for warped friends and I. But the rest of it is painful, with its lame tale of a Greek muse (Olivia Newton-John) springing to life to help a roller rink get built. (Is that all it takes to summon a Greek goddess? Imagine if someone needed to open a whole chain-store franchise! Zeus would probably come running.) Bringing legendary Gene Kelly into this mess seemed downright cruel. He never hurt anybody! It wasn't until a 2007 Broadway spoof made wicked fun of the inanity of the whole thing that “Xanadu” became a hit.

A sneak peek of Bradley Cooper on set for American Sniper

 Take a look at these new snaps of Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper  on the set of his latest film American Sniper.

Over in Malibu Bradley was certainly in character as he was wearing a pair of rather tight shorts. These shorts looked so snug, he could have borrowed them from his supermodel girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

The Oscar nominee was also seen  filming some scenes in the ocean and diving into the mud, so it’s really no surprise that the Hangover star had to gain a huge 40lb of muscle to prepare for the role. 








The 10 Best Movie Musicals Ever Made

From: The blot
The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 
No, technically, it’s not really a great piece of work, if you try to pick it apart. In fact, it’s based on a stage show that, on Broadway in the 1970s, seemed like one of the worst things I’d ever witnessed. But somewhere on the road to celluloid, “Rocky” developed more confidence and appeal (not to mention more people in makeup chanting along with every word). With its zippy melodies, affectionate spoofery and magnetic performance by Tim Curry as the sweet transvestite from outer space, this romp became an interactive love fest that helped kids to grow up and live their dreams. And it’s definitely Meat Loaf’s best film.

Handsome Princes Get Married In Gay-Themed Fairytale Book

From: Sticky
The Princes and the Treasure has amassed a plethora of positive reviews from readers – who call it a “beautiful story”, “groundbreaking and simple” and simply “aaaaah!”.

looking for jonathan groff: the star of tv, broadway and film is now this century’s gay icon

From: Scene
 “I hate karaoke,” Jonathan Groff tells me while shrugging on a leather jacket. “I love going to see other people do karaoke, but performing karaoke stresses me out. I get nervous that it’s like not in the right key. Or will I be able to hear the band? Is the mix right? Too many things out of my control.” This might come as a surprise, considering Groff, 29, was nominated for a Tony for his first role in a Broadway production, Spring Awakening, at the tender age of 22, before going on to star as Lea Michele’s vocally gifted boyfriend, Jesse St. James, on Glee.

But the baby-faced Groff, currently gearing up to film the second season of HBO’s comedy-drama Looking (oft-called the gay Girls), is more low-key than you’d expect from a guy who can claim Lea Michele as a BFF. (The two were co-stars in Spring Awakening, and Groff has to apologize for cutting our interview short, but he has to go meet Michele at Barnes & Noble to be on hand for a Q&A about her new memoir, Brunette Ambition.)

Groff is everywhere lately—announcing the nominees for the Tonys, making a cameo in Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of Larry Kramer’s epic AIDS drama The Normal Heart, and of course, being part of the whole Frozen juggernaut as Kristoff (a love interest who doesn't turn out to be a total d-bag)—but he still approaches his fame with a sense of wary wonder.

“I haven’t googled myself in five years,” he brags, smiling. “I stay completely unhooked when it comes to social media.” That’s right … he doesn't even have a Twitter account. 

 All these attributes in such a young star might be enough to make Groff emblematic of “New Hollywood”—his laid-back attitude towards stardom, his loyalty to a few choice contacts like Murphy, Michele and Looking’s co-creator Andrew Haigh. But add the fact that Groff began his career in Tinseltown already out of the closet, and the actor becomes much more than a symbol. He’s a sign of the changing times.

I feel really lucky to be acting in 2014,” says Groff, who didn’t officially come out until after Spring Awakening. “Even 10 years ago, it was a totally different scene.

Unlike hunks of yesteryear, Groff has spent no time in the closet. “I wasn't denying it or anything, I knew I would talk about it someday, but I didn’t know how or why or when. But then I fell in love for the first time after the show, and I thought ‘Well, I’d rather be out and be in love with this person than try to hide it for any job I had when I came out,’ so I just said fuck it.

Being in love was more powerful than any job I’d had before,” adds Groff, who came out publicly at the National Equality March in D.C. in 2009. “That was the impetus.

 Since then, Groff has had a crash course in what it means to be a gay celebrity in the era of Perez Hilton: he  was linked romantically to actor Zachary Quinto when the Star Trek star was still in the closet, though the two have since broken up. Groff’s way of dealing with the drama was by refusing to take part in any of the Internet celebrity culture.

I heard from friends of friends or whatever that like, ‘This picture was online’ or ‘I saw you and Zach walking down the street.’ So I’d know that things like that existed, but I don’t ever look at it.

Currently, Groff is single and living in—where else?—Chelsea, biding time until Looking begins its shooting schedule. “I’m obsessed with Westville,” says the actor of his favorite dining spot in the neighborhood. “And if I have time, I’ll definitely try to hit up an Equinox during the day. I go to the pool. I see my friends.” Groff shrugs, embarrassed by his apparent normalcy. “It’s such a boring answer, but it’s true.

But who says boring has to be bad? After all, many people called the first season of Looking boring—Slate actually described the experience of watching as “profound boredom,” and Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times called it “tame,” “muted” and “muffled.” Yet watching gay men act against type by acting like, well, normal people (as opposed to shrieking harridans or innuendo-laced queens) struck enough of a chord that HBO picked it up for a second season.

The most surprising reaction I’ve gotten (about Looking) was when I showed it to my brother and his wife,” states Groff. “I thought, being straight and also coming from Pennsylvania, that they would watch it because I was family. But they ended up getting really into the show and really invested in it. It was surprising to meet people who weren't gay but could get what we were trying to say.”

In Looking, Groff plays Patrick, a shy video game programmer who spends the season hanging out with friends, going on awkward dates, lusting after a coworker and dealing with the anxiety of bringing a date to his sister’s wedding. Far from the raucousness of Girls (which was HBO’s lead-in to the show), Looking was transgressive by not being transgressive; portraying Patrick’s life as a late 20-something with a distinct lack of remarkableness, despite being—gasp—a homosexual.

I don’t think of sexuality that much when I’m trying to find a part,” says Groff of his recent roles in Looking and The Normal Heart. “I think of the people I’m working with and the project and the piece. And it just so happens that the last two jobs I got have to do with being gay, which is great because I have an added stake in it. So that’s been sort of a nice plus, but it’s not the main reason I took the jobs.”

 Groff’s logic behind picking projects has a lot to do with the people behind them. “Most of the time, it’s a case of being drawn to the work of people I admire,” he tells me. Murphy, who directed The Normal Heart, was introduced to his Glee star Michele through Groff, with whom he had filmed a pilot for FX after Spring Awakening. Groff was a fan of Haigh’s breakout film Weekend and considers the cast and crew of Looking to be part of his family. “We've evolved socially in a way I’ve never had on the job,” Groff says.

As for the next season of Looking, Groff stands by his “dream cameo,” Odd Future’s Frank Ocean. But if he had to pick someone to do a sex scene with, it’d be his C.O.G. co-star Corey Stoll. (You may remember him as the doomed Russo from the first season of House of Cards.)

We had a potentially almost romantic scene, but then it turned out to be not romantic,” Groff says of filming C.O.G., a movie based on a David Sedaris short story, with Stoll. “So I would like to fulfill that—the starting of the relationship, and maybe have a love affair with Corey Stoll.

As for other details—both about the next season of Looking and his own life—Groff is playing it close to the vest. “My favorite thing first and foremost is just getting the chance to act. That’s my favorite thing to do. So the fact that I got to do that this year is great. Then all this other stuff feels like really great extra experiences.

Not for nothing, one of these extras just happens to be singing a benefit concert with Glenn Close on June 2. Hey, doesn't sound too boring to us. 

Photography by Matthew Scrivens 

Styling by Thomas Kikis for SamSpector.com

Grooming by Erin Anderson

Rob Gronkowski Shakes His Tight End

From: kenneth in the (212)
As seen on "Whose Line Is This Anyway?," I think the song's lyrics are nearly as good as Gronk's moves!

ALABAMA: Church Sign Quotes Hitler

Via Alabama's Ledger-Inquirer:
A billboard at the Village Mall in Auburn, Ala., features five smiling kids beneath a quote from Adolf Hitler: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." According to Lamar Advertising's Montgomery office, the billboard was rented out by Life Savers Ministries, based in Opelika, Ala. Hitler's quote traces back to his speeches of the '30s, and has historically been tied to the Nazi youth programs. The billboard went up Friday and will be taken down Tuesday, per LSM's request. "We are pulling the billboard and certainly never intended to cause confusion. Herbert Hoover would have been a far better one to quote when he said, 'Children are our most valuable resource,'" founder James Anderegg told the Ledger-Enquirer.

The second quote reads: "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. — Proverbs 22:6."

Male Nude Photography | Dutch, relaxed

Not much to say today.

Temptation Thursdays

Thursday June 5, 2014: Hunk of the Day

From: Daily Hunks


From: The Gaily Grind
In the spirit of #ThrowBackThursday, we decided to highlight an air conditioning company who had the balls to run the following glorious ad, showing two pairs testicles hanging, one with Winia A/C (right) and one without (left):

Mando Climate Control Corporation’s ad for their Winia Air Conditioner ran in the early 2000′s, according to Coloribus.

Let “Two Guys, One Pup” Brighten Your Day And Life

From: NewNowNext
I don’t know about y’all, but come Thursday afternoon I’m ready to burn down everything and everyone in my path. But there’s something about two male models and an adorable puppy serving more face than the drive-thru at Sephora that instantly puts me in a better(-ish) mood. I mean, look at this and try not to smile/smize:

 Throw an 80s gel cap on that bitch and you’ve got yourself the opening of Dynasty…or all of Drag Race season one:

 Either way, that dog is Alexis Carringtoning the shit out of this. Even these underfed models can’t help breaking that Blue Steel stare:
 And can you blame them?
Happy Friday Eve, everybody! Check out this seemingly pointless video below, courtesy of VFiles and its “Such Fashion” film series, below.
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