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Monday, July 1, 2013

Split Identity:

American Idol's Nathaniel Marshall is Jadyn Daniels
From:  Queer Click
 Perhaps to no one's surprise, another reality TV contestant has made the transition to porn. Nathaniel Marshall, who made it to the top 36 on American Idol in 2009 made his Men.com debut recently as Jadyn Daniels.

Sure, no one's really watching the show anymore, but as so many American Idol contestants are coming out (shocker, I know), I have to wonder what the Idol hotel rooms are like, after-hours. I'm envisioning giant sex parties with Mariah Carey sitting in a dark corner with a glass of Cristal, chain-smoking and cackling to herself. Not particularly surprising, is it? Isn't that pretty much what Adam Lambert went on the show to do!?

 I know how you guys feel about tattoos, and I'll be the first to admit that some of his are pretty lame, but there's something adorable about him nonetheless. Plus, now we can say with certainty that he fucks like a porn star, though after watching the videos below, I'm pleasantly surprised to see him topping (he lists bottom as his preferred position in his Men.com profile). Hopefully we can look forward to seeing more of Jadyn/Nathaniel. Honestly, I've been waiting my entire life for an American Idol-themed porn parody. Jadyn Daniels in American Guy-Hole? Please? You don't even need to pay me a consultant fee! (Unless you want to.)

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 "The Anal Ring Toss might be the best gag gift that could potentially get you laid. Imagine it! You show up to a party and give it to someone. They unwrap it, everyone has a good laugh and hilarity ensues. It’s placed to the side on a table, and then hours later, you pick it up and casually ask if anyone’s drunk enough to give it a try. You could even volunteer to stick it in your own ass and walk around asking people to give it a try. (People will usually do anything as dumb as this if they’re liquored up enough. How else do you explain the popularity of cornhole?)

Now, if you wait until all the uptight prudes go home, here’s how the toy can come in handy! It’s basically just a butt plug with a small rod attached to it. Therefore, whoever decides to wear it is going to be loosened up and slightly aroused (if they’re the type of person who enjoys a little anal stimulation, and honestly, I don’t understand why you’d ever hang out with someone who doesn’t).

What if, while helping this person remove the toy, your finger “accidentally” slips in and starts massaging their prostate? What if your finger is followed by your dick teasing their hole? What if they enjoy this so much that they push back on your cock, and another friend likes the view so much that he joins in and stuffs your ring toss subject’s mouth with his cock? That would be pretty fun, no?"

Your Nightly Briefing

 The good news is that one-legged underwear stud Alex Minsky was propositioned when he was on a talk show. The bad news is that it was by Whitney Cummings. But hey, she has taste.

Someday My Prince Will Come

The House of Mouse, aka Walt Disney, unveiled an ad campaign, boasting new photos by American photographer Annie Liebovitz and an appearance by Becks as Prince Phillip, the campaign leaves us panting for a fairy tale ending -- and perhaps a kiss.

Unknown Model

Slide Them Down And Get To Work

Monday July 1, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

Ask The Underwear Expert:

Products to Combat Crotch Rot? 
From:  The Underwear Expert

Andrew from Miami, FL: I recently moved to Miami from Denver, Colorado and I’m still getting used to all the heat. Now that it’s warm all the time, I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep clean and dry down below the waist. What are some products I might try?

The Underwear Expert: Never fear, Andrew. In the battle against crotch rot, the world of men’s grooming has evolved beyond Gold Bond powder towards better formulas and technologies to address this common problem. Newer products use more tailored formulas, natural ingredients and less abrasive scents to make the experience much more pleasant than slapping on the cold and tingly white stuff.
Products that combat crotch rot tend to address a number of combined factors. Generally, these include absorbing moisture, reducing friction, keeping skin clean and clear of bacteria, and masking unpleasant smell. A number of ingredients in more generic crotch rot treatments have since been found to have negative side effects, such as talc, a common component of many body powers. Newer treatments also cater to those who prefer more natural remedies and products free of alcohol or harsh chemicals.
Here are a few of our favorite products to prevent crotch rot currently on the market, try them out and let us know which works best for you!

 Jack's Dry Goods Friction-Free Power: 
This powder from Jack Black is packed with homeopathic remedy ingredients,
including eucalyptus for bacteria control, organic green tea for antioxidants,
and juniper berry to eliminate lactic acid from sore muscles.
 Balla Powder for Men: 
This grooming powder comes in three varieties, Original, Fragrance-Free and Tingle
(in case you're looking for itch relief or just a fan of the sensation).
Talc and zinc are Balla's active ingredients and it's good for use anywhere on the body.

MenScience's Advanced Body Powder:
Formulated without talc, this body power from MenScience is also good for use all over the body to absorb moisture, prevent chaffing and leave an all around fresh feeling.

Asian persuasion

Daily Packages

Joshua Spread Open in Red 
Joshua Michael Brickman sits with his legs spread in a bright red bikini, looking ready to do more than just go for a swim in this photo by Jorge Freire.
Whatever he’s up to, we have a feeling he’ll be keeping the matching hat on.


Interview by Bruce Benderson
Photography by Marc Zaffuto
 I just had a giggly telephone love fest with Sébastien Lambeaux, a 37-year-old athletic-sock fancier from Paris with a sexy, mellow voice that sounds part he-man, part ultra-sensitive boy. Sébastien and I talked socks, socks and more socks. So much does Sébastien adore socks that his home is literally overrun by them at this point. He currently possesses about 1,000 pairs of socks.

Bruce: Are you the one who sewed this outfit out of socks?
Sébastien: Yes. It’s a unique experience. I wanted to feel all those socks around me, so I sewed them on.
By hand?
No, by machine.
Do you go out to bars in your sock suit?
No, no, no. It really isn't my thing to go to places like that, and it would make me feel like I was disguised, wearing a costume or something. My trip goes beyond that, there’s a very cerebral side to it.
As a writer, I was quite attracted to that aspect of it. I guess it’s a bit conceptual.

If you like. I find myself with an enormous collection of soccer socks because I've been buying them everywhere on the Internet. I try to get socks that have already been used by somebody, that have ‘lived’.

Are they connected to soccer or to other sports for you?
Completely, completely. It’s the fantasy of virility in the soccer stadium. I find it so handsome and so sexy, a guy in athletic socks, especially if he has hairy legs.
Really? What excites me is your getting excited. I’m excited by your excitation.
Ha, ha, ha!
And what about the feet that are under those socks? You like ’em dirty, completely clean, or doesn't it matter?
It’s all about the feeling coming from the person who’s wearing them.
Yeah, but what if they’re really, really smelly? What if you do get a pair in the mail that’s not washed: do you wash them right away? Aren't you afraid of germs?
Usually they’re washed, which isn't to say that I’m not capable of nabbing a used pair from the soccer stadium and then just letting them dry in a corner.
Where do you find people on the Internet who are into selling their socks?
I go mostly to discount sites. I don’t look for them in the gay milieu.
Then you don’t cruise that way on the Internet? As in, ‘Hey, you’re hot, would you mind sending me a pair of your used socks by mail?

I tried that once and it was dismal.

What size are you, by the way? ’Cause maybe some of BUTT’s readers would like to send you something. We can put your e-mail address with this interview so that you can discover people with similar interests.
Sure, I’m size 44.
The first response will probably be from me… Oh, by the way, you have a boyfriend, don’t you?
Yeah. Sometimes he participates in my little experiments and he brings me athletic socks fairly regularly because he knows that I like them. Which doesn't mean that we have to have them on when we fuck. We can do it with or without them.
Lovely! You should come to New York. What do you do for a living?
I've got a tech gig at City Hall in Paris. But my orientation about all this is moving in an artistic direction. I’m thinking about covering myself with clay, in addition to socks. I've been making molds of my shins, and when they dry, they’re often imprinted with the texture. Actually, the personnel at City Hall had the chance to show their art at the Hotel de Ville. I proposed showing my sock outfits, but they wouldn't go for it.
Do you think they thought it was something sexual?
Well, it wasn't like there were any pornographic images drawn on it.
What about that homo mayor of Paris. Didn't he go for it?
Deciding isn't really his job.
Oh, I almost forgot to ask: Would you rather have somebody wearing athletic socks who was very young, or would you prefer someone a bit more mature, or even somebody old? Or are you into all of it?
Not all of it, no. What I really like is hair.
Really! Well, I’m horribly hairy, even on my back.
What about weight? Fat, emaciated, muscled — what’s your thing?
It’s nice when somebody’s well built, but hair is something that really appeals to me. I can find almost anybody attractive if they’re hairy.
When did you first discover you were into athletic socks?
When I was in school, the kids would play soccer. I couldn't really approach them because I wasn't into that kind of sport, but it really turned me on to see them in their outfits.
What material do you prefer for socks: natural fibers or plastic stuff?
I hate to admit that I prefer the stuff with nylon and plastics in it, because cotton socks just aren't elastic enough.
What about elegant socks? Silk. Something expensive made by, say, Hanro, for example?
Not really my thing. If it’s too transparent it starts to feel too feminine.
And what about undies?
I’m not that into them, but a nice package in skivvies is something I probably wouldn't turn down.
Seems like we have quite a bit in common.

Dish of the Day #1187: Red, Hot and Blue!

To celebrate the 4th of July, this week I'm featuring a few patriotic Dishes. Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured, and beginning on Friday you can vote for your favorite Dish of the week. If you haven't voted for last week's Dish yet, choose your man HERE!

Today's Dish is Kirill Dowidoff.

Chaps and Ink | Hot Ass Monday | Dudoir Photography

Santoro - Chaos Men

 Age: 37

"Santoro spent a good many years bar tending and doing the club thing. Sounds like he is pretty well-known after having spent so much time in the social scene. He has had more than a few requests to do porn, but somehow he picked ChaosMen to finally get all naked, and possibly get his sex on for us.

At 37 he is one of the more 'mature' models on the site, but he is packing an awesome body on him. He grew out his hair for us, but I think had all but given up keeping himself shaved. Besides, I think it fits with his hot, daddy look.

He is a little nervous in his solo, but I just let him do his thing. He jerks-off really fast, and gives us a "hands free" cumshot, followed up by a second load!

I put him with Vander for an oral video, which airs next week, and things got a lil out of control!

Stay tuned!" -- Chaos Men


Good art speaks for itself. ‘Nuff said.


"I've been liking his work for quite a while now, his name is Achraf Amiri and he is an art illustrator. I thought about sharing his talent with other art aficionados in here because what he does is quite impressive and very “gay” (in a good way!) Lot’s of men, lot’s of fashion, lot’s of celebrity caricatures, lot’s of sex…

He is a young creative minded person who loves to express himself in various artistic ways. He likes to break the image of the “superficial world” and make it accessible to everyone, with a critical view and some touch of dark humor. He also describes himself as ” the hidden son of the Addams Family”.

Do you like as much as I do?"



Hot or Not? You decide...

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