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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Way by Dennis Nauert

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 'Matt has such an athletic build so I wanted to use a single light source to show off his best assets. Great guy to work with.'

When I first profiled photographer Dennis Nauert back in 2012, Dennis shared that he had only been shooting for the male form for about a year. Dennis had a joined a photographer meet up group which consisted of several photographers who got together to shoot a variety of different models during the series of workshops.

Variety seems to always pop up each time I feature Dennis' work. The last time I featured the Austin photographers images we struggled to narrow down the focus to just one model, so instead chose three favorites. (3 Way Split) We found ourselves in a similar situation this time. Instead of leaving any favorites out, it made sense to include each of the models in a visual three way.

 One of the things I have loved while featuring so many of the models that Dennis has shot are the visual themes that arise.   Dennis uses a variety of props and sets in his shoots, one of my favorites being his putting his models in red and black leather jackets, and not much else.  Both Matt and Jacob wear the jacket during their shoots and Matt's butt looks exceptionally appealing when highlighted by just his red jacket.


 'I wasn't able to spend much time working with Jacob but his willingness to try different things really paid off. Looking forward to spending more time photographing him.'

 Dennis' use of variety isn't restricted just to props and fashion.  Dennis brings out a variety of qualities in the men he shoots.  With a focus beyond just muscle and body parts, Dennis has a knack for being able to capture the perfect balance of masculinity and beauty, and even a hint of old Hollywood glamour. 


 'I've had the opportunity to work with Milo on more occasions than any other model I have shot. With his input we have tried different lighting, props and experimented with body paint.'

It is always quite clear when a photographer's focus is simply shooting a hot body.  In all of his work, and within theses images of Matt, Jacob and Milo, Dennis is a creative collaborator.  Utilizing each models specific physical qualities along with their individual traits and forms of expression, uniquely beautiful visuals are created.

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