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Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Yesterday, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between J. Harvey and another Manhunt colleague. Since my memory is shit, I don’t remember every little detail, but their dialogue somehow led to the suggestion that there should be a twerking contest at Bear Week in Provincetown. “I’d judge that,” I blurted out without a moment of hesitation.

This led to a whole other thing about how I need to enhance my personal brand by making public appearances beyond that one time they let me go to the Cybersocket Awards and film Ari Silvio finger-banging himself in an alley. In response, I was all like, “Aaaaaaah! People are scary and will have unrealistic expectations about my online persona, and I am awkward. Also, bye”… But maybe my dear co-blogger was on to something?!?!

While I didn't immediately take initiative and auction my ass off at Boston’s Club Cafe last night, I’m going to try dipping my toes in the water by hosting an online “twerking” contest. There is a very good chance that none of you will enter, because you hate me and want me to die a fiery death in hell. I mean, if you don’t want to shake your ass for prizes and make my life worth living, then that’s totally fine! I won’t be mad. I won’t cry. I won’t resurrect my LiveJournal account to write angst-ridden entries about how I’m an outcast in the world of gay bloggers.

Here are the rules—-1) You must use Major Lazer‘s “Bubble Butt” as your song, 2) You must “twerk” to your best ability, 3) Really, just gyrate your hips and make your ass jiggle, 4) Jockstraps or briefs are encouraged, 5) Full nudity is also encouraged, 6) You are welcome to remain discreet and NOT show your face, 7) A dick-bouncing interlude would also not be the worst thing, and last but not least, 8) Post a link to your video in the comments section or e-mail it to daily@manhunt.net.

What do you get in return? I’ll have to think about it! Unlimited memberships to Manhunt are always an option, and I could always try to wrangle up a free membership to Fraternity X, Maverick Men or another popular gay porn site. If you live somewhere local, maybe I could take you out for lunch one day? Is that even enough incentive for you to do something as ridiculous as this? Maybe I could convince J. Harvey to come along too (especially if you’ve got a really nice butt). He’s good with small talk and interacting like a normal human being.

Basically? We’ll tailor your prize to your needs. You should enter because this is a fun, dumb thing to do and YOLO and Miley Cyrus and whatever. We’ll even bring Boulangerié Knowles as a guest judge.

- Dewitt

Hit the play button, listen to “Bubble Butt” and scroll through the pictures after the jump:

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