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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


From: Badwolf Blog
 If you read this blog with any regularity or follow me on twitter or know me in real life, you know I’m pretty into dick.  I just genuinely really love it.  I love getting to be part of something that is incredibly private and intimate and pleasurable for guys.  Penises are a source of enjoyment and pleasure and good feelings, almost entirely (even pissing is pleasurable if you allow it to be) for most men.  That’s incredible!

While I’ve always kind of been interested in other peoples’ penises, that interest has always stemmed from my own obsession with my own.  Obsession seems like a hefty word here for what I mean, but It’s not totally inaccurate.  I really love my penis, and I love that unlike any other part of my body, it produces sensations that I can’t replicate in another way.

Nothing feels quite like the pleasure that your penis gives when it’s stimulated.  Think about how cool that is!  You can’t make other parts of your body work like your cock does.  There’s no way to rub the inside of your mouth with your fingers and simulate the pleasure of eating or the satisfaction of having quenched thirst or  hunger.  But your penis provides that exact scenario all the time.  That’s one of its primary functions!  That’s so fucking cool! You can stimulate yourself to orgasm and ejaculation at will!

So, it goes without saying I guess, that I love masturbation.  I do.  I love it.  I’ve been masturbating to ejaculation since I was 11 and the most I’ve ever EVER gone without jerkin it was five days.  Think about that.  The longest stretch in almost 15 years was five days.  Masturbation for me is just like eating or sleeping.  It’s just something my body has to do, or I get intensely physically uncomfortable.  My balls gotta spill or I get crazy.

I’ve become fascinated, recently, with some blogs that deal with masturbation in a near obsessive (and sometimes blatantly obsessive) capacity and I find myself really drawn to the men who would celebrate themselves, not just so frequently or seriously, but so publicly as well.  I think that they are amazing and I really have started getting into masturbating along with their videos or stories and experiencing some of their pleasure though our shared activity.

There are a lot of elements that seem to be pretty consistent with the positive celebration of compulsive masturbation.  These guys work to get to that awesome state of masturbation hypnosis, where you just get lost in the sensations and in rubbing your penis and don’t care about how you look or how you sound or any of the BS that gets in the way of orgasmic pleasure.  Gooning is a cherished state and a search on any video site will provide many many results of guys who have filmed themselves getting so deep into this trance-like place that they can’t do anything other than stroke and groan and cum.  It’s fucking beautiful.  Poppers (for better or worse, I enjoy them from time to time) are frequently a big part in getting lost in your dick-related activities.  So is smoking.

I’m greatly enamored right now of EdginGuy over at SoloSexuality. My temptation when I first stumbled across this shockingly well crafted and organized blog was to assume that it was meant somewhat tongue-in-cheek or silly, but the more of it I consume the more I begin to understand the seriousness and genuine passion that this guy treats his masturbation with.  And I love it.  I love the glosslessness of his presentation of himself – there’s no photoshopping or trick lighting or costumery involved.  It’s just who he really is, and what he really loves: his penis.  It is a fantastic and genuine (I can’t say that word enough because that element remains really striking to me – how honest it is) celebration of the core of maleness and I fucking love it.  I also really enjoy how communal he has worked to make the blog.  Really engaging users and encouraging their contact and the shared experience of their masturbation.

That site features some music selections as well that, while kind of silly seeming at first listen, are actually really interesting to ‘bate to.  I like to put on headphones and lube up my uncut cock (my new favorite thing is really filling up my foreskin with Vaseline or albolene and letting it just spread everywhere as I stroke the skin over my cock head – feels incredible!) and spending 30-40 minutes stroking and really getting into the feelings and the pleasure while I listen to these songs.  They feature hypnotic sounding beats and the sort of recitation of mantras about being “deep in your dick” and instructing you to “masturbate your penis.  Make your penis feel good.”  It’s fascinating, but also surprisingly easy to get really turned on to.  I DO want to masturbate my penis.  It DOES feel good!

There are some questionable areas when it comes to the amount of time one spends masturbating and whether or not masturbation to this extreme infringes in a real way on social interaction, but based on what is being offered on these sites, it seems like these men, while well in control of their lives and their circumstances, are simply slaves to their penises and want to worship them and love them because they have to.  I can’t really argue significantly with that kind of masculine celebration.  I identify with it.

I will probably talk about this more in later posts, but I’m gonna end here because talking about this and thinking about it has really brought up the urge to beat off, and I’m gonna  πŸ˜‰

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