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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aaron Cage - Butch Dixon

 "Hairy bodybuilder first appeared on Butch Dixon a couple of months back. And I've been getting a lot of e-mail from you guys about this Hairy Chested Bodybuilder. His first hardcore gay sex scene was with the humongously hung Dillon Buck and they appeared in video that I called A Soldier's Goodbye. It was a hot fuck scene that took place in an army barracks. Dillon and Aaron played two soldiers who were alone for their last night in the barracks (the rest of their platoon had already headed home) and these two made the most of their last night with a hard assed fuck session. Dillon Buck really took care of Aaron's big, hairy ass.Aaron Cage and his hairy ass are going to be featured in a sweaty threesome sex scene in another couple of weeks. He's joined by gay porn star, Dean Monroe, and a newcomer to porn and Butch Dixon, Charlie. (Check out Charlie in His First Gay

Porn video.) In this video Aaron Cage does the fucking, taking care of Dean Monroe's hot, muscled ass.I am working of getting Aaron Cage back for another duo. It's just a matter of time and finding the right partner, and the right cock - Aaron likes his cock very big. And I can see why, that big, beefy, hairy ass of his requires a big dick to fill it up good.I got Aaron Cage naked in my backyard; God, my backyard has been seeing a lot of action these days. And why not? It's summer and I love filming outdoors. Aaron's body is gorgeous - muscular and very hairy - but in this photo shoot, I spend a lot of time photographing his big, hairy ass. Aaron even straddled me and my camera as I was lying in the dirt (the things I do to get the perfect photo). I got a lot of great shoots of Aaron's hairy butt cheeks and his very hairy fuck hole. Man, it's hot! I do love a big, hairy ass and this hairy bodybuilder has one of the hottest butts I've seen in the long time. " -- Butch Dixon

 Vital Stats:

Age:  39
Height:  6'1"
Weight:  180 lbs.
Hair Color:  brown
Cock Size:  7" uncut
Body Hair:  hairy
Body Type:  bodybuilder

This massive bodybuilder has a beautiful furry chest and bulging biceps. He loves getting fucked by huge cocks.

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