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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kyle - Military Classified

 Kyle has returned and god damnit, we can't say enough about this fine specimen of a Marine! Married with a child, poor Kyle had to break down and do the unbearable. Yep Rob finally convinced him, with a little financial incentive, to let him wrap his lips around that 8 inch cock! Man you guys really need to see this bj scene...it's amazing!

 This day was a little nerving for this guy because he's never, ever, ever let a guy suck his dick let alone put it on tape. When he got to the hotel room he was very nervous and something had to be done to break the ice so that he could relax. Rob explained how it would go down because he was pretty concerned about what exactly would happen and whether or not he would have to do anything in return.

 Rob explained to him that all he had to do was sit back, watch the porno and let him do all the work. As long as he just focused on the pussy porn the rest would all happen naturally. He was concerned about getting it up because he wasn't sure he'd get turned on but Rob told him that if he just relaxed things would rise to the occasion naturally.

 Then the tape started rolling!

 Kyle jerked himself a lil to get his dick hard, and then Rob went in with everything he knew about giving good head and sucked with so much desire and intent! Kyle was getting more and more turned on and soon his 8 inch cock was stiff as a board. His balls were smooth and delicious.

Rob used the mirror for the cum shot. This cum scene and Kyle's reaction has to be one of the best Rob has captured. If you are looking to see a REAL straight guy get off in a way that is completely foreign to him and enjoy it with a confused look on his face...THIS IS IT!

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