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Monday, May 29, 2017


From: Daily Squirt

Beau Taylor

Believe it or not, Beau has only been in the industry for 3 months, although he has been in the public eye for a couple of years now. He’s 5’10”, with a 8.5″ thick, uncut cock.

If you want a chance with him, you need confidence and an active life outside of clubbing. You’re even better off if you’re vers and know how to cook a good meal. But, if you’re a liar, talk about people behind their backs, or hit the club all week long, he probably wouldn’t be into you.

This is his first time at IML, so he’s looking forward to seeing all the hot leather outfits. Who can blame him, he’s got quite the body to show off. In fact, he spends about 28 hours a week working on it. Despite his public persona, he’s actually pretty shy. He likes singing and painting, though not necessarily at the same time. He loves healthy Italian food and helps out with programs for LGBTQ youth in his spare time.

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