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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


From: Manhunt Daily
 Nestled firmly in the middle of the Appalachian mountains exists a small farm where on any given day you can find a DILF with strong bronze arms, a knowing smile, and one massive, girthy rod. 

 I came to know this man by chance. I was traveling and stopped into a small diner where I learned from the waitress of a farm offering work for stay. So I called the farmer, arranged to meet, and I’ll never forget him because he was the first besides myself to make me cum without touching my cock.

 It was at the end of a day spent working hard and sweating in the dirt that he spoke into my eyes about a time when he nearly wrecked his car because of some clichรฉ distraction. Said that it was buff firemen washing their truck and for all I know his story was real, but I knew what he was trying to say: He wanted to fuck me.

 That night we spoke of our lives until he clumsily suggested giving me a massage. I suggested we go upstairs. When we got to the bedroom he turned around and kissed me deep. I could feel his throbbing erection pulsing against mine. He grabbed my ass and picked me up, making sure to press his dick firmly into my hole.

 He was too big at first so he let me get on my knees and put my mouth to work. His sweat was salty and I could barely get all of his cock into my mouth. Eventually he propped me up on the bed with my ankles over my head. He began fingering me and tickling my prostate until it was too much and as I came I’ll never forget the way he grabbed my cock and sucked the cum out of it. Once he swallowed the last drop he turned me over and fucked me raw

The next day we went our separate ways without a word about the night before.

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