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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Next Generation: DIY Male Erotica

From: Vintage Gay Media History
 If you're going on a plane this holiday, why not go into the restroom, pull out Mr. Happy and snap a pic or two of him?  Then when the plane lands, send it off to whoever you think might enjoy it!  It's often referred to as sharing 'selfie junk' by men.  Someone is probably doing this right now.  And it's not just flying thousands of feet up in the air where men are showing off the family jewels for others to admire, as 'adult personal' photo sharing sites are exploding in popularity and have pics of gents in bathrooms, bedrooms, cars and just about any other place you can imagine, including those proudly serving in the Armed Services around the globe.  

 Not only are many of these men taking pics of their privates, but they are also sharing their bodies and in many instances, their faces.  This is one of the hottest trends in smut, and it is making more than a few major players in the commercial porn business take notice (and perhaps get a little worried about their market share).   According to some behavioral scientists, a shift is happening in society that could permanently relax views on nudity and sex. 

 Their reasons include; 1) The first generations that have lived their entire lives with home computers (and the inescapable smut that pops up on those computers) are now young adults.  For many of them, seeing nudity and men with erections on their computer screens is just a fact of being on the Internet;

2) The newest smart phones have instant abilities to connect and share with everyone all the time, and also have camera-quality lenses for taking pictures; and finally

3) The social expectation that 'men are men' and naturally always horny (while women are supposed to be the ones withholding their desires) gives guys more freedom to not be negatively judged for showing off their 'selfie junk' (unless, as headlines have displayed in recent years, that guy happens to be a U.S. senator or sports star or celebrity).  

Consider that a hot site right now, The Airplane Penis Club, is where men snap pics of their dicks 30,000 miles in the air and share them with the rest of the world.  Pictures on such sites can get hundreds and even thousands of comments.  The men posting themselves get immediate feedback.  

There's one Internet site devoted strictly to men in the armed services who snap pics of their bodies and  dicks, and another for men in business wearing suits, and yet another where men post pics of their dicks while they are in fun locations while on vacation ("here's my dick in the hotel bathroom, here's my dick after snorkeling, here's my dick...").  

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